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Beards & Tales Farm

Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats

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Welcome to Our Farm!

Beards & Tales farm is a joint venture between myself and my son Brandon.  Getting into goats was a rather slow process as I researched goats for 1 year before I even looked at any.  It then took another 2 years to decide on what breed I wanted. I initially thought I wanted Nubians, but my mother who is wise, questioned their size and my ability to control them. So my search continued until I found the Nigerian Dwarfs.

I knew I wanted a milking goat as I wanted to make soap as I have allergies.  After reading more on this wonderful breed I started my search for a breeder close to home. This is where we met our mentors at Tiny Tales Farm.  They invited us to come see their animals and we accepted the offer. 

As they say, the rest is history because we left owing them a few bucks and we would be gaining a few does.  We needed to get fences done before they could come home. In the mean time Brandon found a Buck he just had to have and we went to Colorado to purchase Kannah Creek Don Carlos, little did I know I would be bringing another doe home with us her name is Marta, thus the start of our dairy herd.  We continue to research and study other breeders to learn.

Our learning  continues, and we have called our mentors numerous times for help and guidance in this new world of goats.  And believe me we have had many questions, but we have made it now through our first breeding season and it has been interesting.  We are looking forward to this up coming breeding season as we have added a new herdsire and have high expectations from him.

We look forward to hearing from you and hope you enjoy looking at our little corner of heaven.

Dianea & Brandon Fay

Beards & Tales Farm
Allen, KS



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